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$ 950.00 USD


• V cut 

•long sleeves 

• sheer from waist up

•rhinestone appliqués covering breast area

(pasties May be required)

•lined from waist down

•extra long train

•train wristlets to hold while you walk 

•back is out from lower waist up 

•invisible zipper closure 

•curl effect on train 



•glitter lace 

•Rhinestone appliqués 

• material does shed slightly 

•slight stretch 



1.  How long has this company been in business?


Our company was founded in 2014.


2.  Where are you located?

 Our address is

5037 Union st. Union city ,Ga 30291.

We are located in a suburb of Atlanta,Ga


3.  How can i contact you?

Phone 404-618-3262



4.  Do you make customized designs or  replicas?

We do not recreate designs or create customized designs.  We only make designs from our collections.



1. how much is it to change the design?

The only changes we allow to designs are to bring up the neckline to not show as much cleavage.

We do  not allow for any other changes . All gowns are sold as is.


2.  How long does it take to make the gown


The estimated completion date is also shown on each product before purchase . General processing times are as follows . 


Bridal collection  - 8 to 12 weeks depending on the design and the number of orders ahead of you


Formal gown collection- 4 to 6 weeks depending on the gown and the number of orders ahead of you .


Evening gowns and Jumpsuits  collection - 4 weeks depending on the number of orders ahead of you


Sample gown collection- These gowns are already made and ship within 1-3 days


Limited edition- These items are premade and  take 1-3 days to ship


During prom season , February- June, processing times always increase. We usually get fully booked by late February. If you’re event is during these months , We always encourage you to order early to avoid the disappointment of you not being able to get your gown due to us being fully booked.


3. Are measurements required ?

We do not accept measurements not taken by our company.

If you are local , you have the option to come in and be measured by us. 

If you are out of state please use the size chart to find your most accurate size. 


4.  How can i come in to get measured by you?

After you place your order , and you want To get measured by us professionally , please email us with your order number and we will send you the link to schedule your appointment.

You May also come to our store location to place your order and we will measure you at that time.

5. is rush service available?

yes we do offer a rush service . However it is not available for all gowns. If rush service is available it will be shown as a option on the product page.  Prices vary depending on the design


 1. Will i be able to pick my order up?

 Yes we do offer a pick up option. Once your order is complete you will get an order complete email. If you’d like to schedule a in person fitting/pick up , you may do so at that time.


 2.How will i know you received my order?

 Once you receive your order you will receive an email confirmation. It is important that you enter the correct email otherwise you want get any notifications from our company.


3.How will i know when my order is ready?

 Through the entire process of your gown being made, you will receive several notifications / status updates. You can check the status if your order by following this link:


Below Is the definition of each status


 this means your payment has passed all fraud checks , date checks and your order is confirmed.


 -In Queue-

 this means that your order is in line. We complete all orders based on the order in which they are received.


 -Next in line-

 This means your order is next in the Schedule to be made. You will usually get this notification about a week before we start your order.



 This means your order is bring made.


-Order completed-

 This means your order is completed. If you owe a balance we will send you a finalized invoice. If you’ve paid in full we will begin to prepare your order for shipping.


-Preparing for shipping-

 This means we are preparing to ship your dress . This process can take 1-3 business days. The tracking info will come to your email .



 4. I’ve already placed my order Can i change it?


After your order is placed you have 7 days to change it.

After 7 days we purchase your fabric and materials so ,

If you’d like to change after the 7 day cut off , there is a fabric changing fee starting at $75 depending on the fabric and what you’d like to change to .


5. I need to cancel my order ? Is it too late.


For the following collections You have 7 days after payment to cancel your order  with no fee.


After 7 days there will be a cancellation fee.


Bridal collection  - $300 cancel fee

Formal gown collection- $150 cancel fee

Evening wear collection- $75 cancel fee

Resort and swim collection-  $40 cancel fee


Shoe collection- you may cancel within 24 hrs


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